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Press article

Non-residents in Spain have the right to claim the refund paid amounts of inheritance tax

Since September 2014, non-residents in Spain have the right to claim the refund paid amounts of inheritance tax, as it is recognized by the Judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union of 3. September 2014. The system has specially affected those that acquired Real Estate in Spain without being residents.

We advice you in case you already paid your taxes and if you still owe them. In this second case and until the government approve legal measures to refund the taxes already paid, it is advisable to file legal proceedings at the time of paying.


Economic and tax advantages to companies who choose to set up in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are one of the areas of special taxation in the European Union. In this area exists attractive economic and fiscal conditions to investors and entrepreneurs. There are a pleiad of fiscal advantages at all levels, from tax exemptions to reduced direct and indirect taxes.


Spain, an optimal place to invest

In times to come Spain will be remembered as the ideal place in Europe to invest. There are currently the conditions to invest with medium and long term return options. The country has high-quality and good  developed infrastructures and a high qualified and flexible labour market. Lately there have been many economic changes in diverse fields. In this regard the real estate sector has experienced a great restructuring without losing its importance mainly on the coast and in large cities.

In the research and development another field with great expectations is the pharmacy and biotechnological sector. In this case the country have an advanced public and health system, with a professionalized business profile due to the skills of their professionals and the investment in r+d+i, what implies good economic prospects for the sector.




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