International law

We advice particulars in special in cases of the following sectors:

  • International successions
  • Divorces and separations between couples from two different countries
  • Foreign investments in Span, Germany and France
  • Execution of Foreign Sentences in Spain
  • Car accidents abroad
  • Consumer rights


Being aware of our client’s necessities, we have created two sections :

Section of French-Hispanic Law

Our field of specialization encompasses every single legal relation that individuals and firms could have between Spain, France and Germany.

Section of German-Hispanic Law

Our field of specialization encompasses every single legal relation that individuals and firms could have between Spain and Germany.


Commercial and Corporate law

CS&M Abogados attends in the field of law and economy with cross-border implications. We advice our clients on national and international corporate operations, defending their interests before arbitration bodies and Tribunals in Spain, Germany and France, in situations such as: Trade agreements on supply and distribution liable to distort competition. We investigate the legality of these agreements proposing the most adequate solution to your interests.

Situations of dominant position involving competition infringements. Unfair trade, irregular proceedings of firms damaging other companies. And in case of administrative proceedings of the National or Regional Competition Commission.


Intelectual property and data protection rights


We deal such as structuring, ownership, licences and the administration of intellectual and industrial property rights. Our work is based on the prior advisory before any dispute or objection and the previous research. Law counsel in any kind of litigation linked to intellectual and industrial property rights, designs and trade marks.


We give counsel both to start-ups and companies, providing legal support on projects of complexity and great diversity. Our services include: General consulting services on data protection to firms and public entities. Defence of corporations of sanction procedures of the Data Protection Agency.

Sanitary and Clinical research

We perform the negotiation of legal proceedings and contracts with Sponsors, Investigators, health Institutions and CRO’s aiding their legal departments. The adequacy to the Spanish and International rules and the assessment and prevention of risks monitoring legislative developments in the field of clinical research, the resolution of legal matters linked to clinical research and the negotiation, analysis and drafting of co-development agreements.

Fiscal and Tributary

Fiscal assessment to individuals and firms both to normal day-to-day operations and to more complex and specific dealings.

Our field of practice covers a broad spectrum of issues linked to direct and indirect taxes. We act in the following areas: International taxation,  corporation tax, income tax for residents and non-residents, capital gains tax, and in the following operations: foreign trade,  real estate, financial, banking and insurance transactions.

Our services also includes the assistance on tax contentious matters, managing the defence through complaints and appeals before all instances both in the economic-administrative way before the administration bodies and Tribunals.


Social and Labour

We asses individuals and firms in both Spain and Germany in labour relations, religious practice, collective relations and corporate restructuring.


We provide counsel to emerging and innovative technology-based firms, to new projects and initiatives on the field of e-business, at every stage of its development, included the most recent developments linked to cloud service business, social networking sites and e-commerce.

We render an integrated coverage to the necessities of firms on the sector, from the processing and drafting of contracts to the submissions of complaints and appeals, incidents with users and linked to other operators in which the following activities are highlighted: relations with regulatory bodies, deployment of networks, access and interconnection, additional taxation, defence before disciplinary proceedings, e-commerce services, adaptation of websites to the current legislation, e-procurement, consumers and users, defence before disciplinary proceedings.


Environment and Energy

We asses in cooperation with professionals with an economic an environmental profile, specially on environment and energy efficiency, climate change, protection of natural spaces, contaminated soils and environmental liability, waste and water management.

Foreign trade and Investments

We provide a bidirectional service between Spain with France and Germany in the following areas: international procurement, arbitration, international agency contract, franchise contract, real estate investments, legal advice, studying of investments, creation of companies, freight transport.